Glibben Terres

Today is 70 AR Rennse 1

Terres Rising is a Live Action Role Playing game set in a medieval-style fantasy world known as Ashriya. A LARP is an interactive game, where the players portray a single character, completely in costume and in-period, for the duration of an event.

In Ashriya, the star Terres rises in the sky approximately four times a year. During the Rise of Terres heroes quest, villains emerge, and great things happen in the World that are not to be missed!

Starting in 1999, the first incarnation of our game, known as “Terres Rising: Torvald” was set in the frontier city of the fantasy world of Ilkasik. In 2002, the first event of the “Terres Rising: Crossroads” campaign commenced based in Ashriya. 2016 marked the beginning of “Terres Rising: Rebirth”, our 15th year at Camp Howe in Goshen, Massachusetts.

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